How I Fill My Client’s Calendar With Quality Leads Who WANT to Work With Them.

We Create The Automated Systems That Do All The Heavy Lifting.

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I've watched the video and I'm excited


I'm a coach, consultant, or expert


I need your help


PLEASE Fill MY calendar with leads who WANT me


I want you to do it all


The ads, emails, pages, videos, tech


I've got a budget


I want to know more

If all that’s true, schedule your discovery call – and let’s begin.

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Let’s Do Some Marketing Math!

How Much Are You Willing To INVEST To Aquire A Customer?!?!

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You Probably Want To Know:

Will This Work For Me?

Yes!  If you are a coach, consultant or expert with a product of $1500 or more

How Much Will This Cost?

We charge a fair one time fee to set everything up for you.

We offer an easy affordable monthly payment plan.

You will also need a starting ad spend of $20 to $50 per day for Facebook Ads

The goal is for you to make back 3 to 5x what you spend.

Money travels faster than time.  You will always get faster results if you put money behind it. You can achieve the same thing organically, it will just take you a lot longer.

My question to you is:  How much are you willing to INVEST to turn your dream into reality

How Long Before I See Results

Every client, business and service is different, but on average you will start seeing engagement as soon as you go live, and start seeing your first calendar-booking within a few hours.

Of course, the speed of your calendar bookings will depend on how much you are spending on ads.

Your closing will depend on your offer and your closing skills, we help with that too.

What Type Of Results Can I Expect

Let’s do some more marketing math!

On average you charge $2500
You spend $1000 on ads
Your cost per email optin is $10
Your cost per calendar-booking is $25
This means you get 100 new people on your email list
and 40 people on your calendar

Even if you aren’t great at sales and only close 5%,
That is 2 people closed at $2500 each

We can get you up to 20% close, so that is 8 people at $2500

Pay 15% sales commission and net out 17,000

Put in $1000 to get between $5000 to $17,000

What about the 92 people who didn’t buy?
They stay on your list until they unsubscribe
And you can give them more value, nurture them until they beg you to take their money

If you are ready for us to build you one of these “SLOT MACHINES”.

Book Your Call.

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